The Initiation Project

Since this is going to be my first elaborate blog post, I thought I’ll let you peek into my current life or the life that has been routine for about more than a year now.

After crossing the bridge and getting married to Mr.R in the winter of 2016, I moved home from India to the USA.  We thought that we’ll be making USA home for the coming decade of our life. This thought led us to our beautiful place in Lynnwood, WA. A small little city outside Seattle which gave us everyday views of the Northern Cascades and Mount Rainier (guaranteed everyday views during summer only).

The summer in Seattle is like no other city in the States. It’s those days where there’s average daylight of 16 hours daily. This means that the entire city is buzzing with people. The crowd makes the most of the three months and you won’t see anyone flaunting their Patagonia jackets or Hunter wellies. And, to make most of our summer, we welcomed home our first fur baby, Casper. A small and the only golden retriever in his litter. The inclusion of Casper in our lives was our biggest life-changing decision. It was like having a baby. A real baby only growing at the rate of a superhuman.

Everything changes when a baby comes home, and that is exactly what I experienced with my fur baby. Apart from invoking parental instincts, Casper taught me new things every day. As each day passed, we became companions and though he may love Mr.R more than he loves me, he definitely protects me more than Mr.R.

After a successful puppy phase, we all had a great first family Christmas, which was the most perfect day. It snowed overnight and on Christmas morning, everything was covered in a white shiny blanket. Truly a Christmas miracle had happened and there was no better way to celebrate but with rum cake.

The NYE was celebrated watching the sun go down over the Pacific Ocean and while we all watched the last sunset of 2017, somewhere in our hearts we knew it was time to move on with life to newer adventures and bigger challenges.



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