How are you today?

I changed the title from How are you, to How are you today because clearly all of us don’t have the same feelings and thoughts every day. And while I am cleaning the anti-blog rut this week, I thought let’s put out a small post of concern.

We’re in the last week of June and the summer is pretty sweet in Dublin. I have plans of going to the Pride celebrations hosted by Amazon over the weekend, considering it will be quite an experience. I finally started working out consistently in the hope that it becomes a habit.

Also, I must mention that I kind of had an idea of putting out a concern post and pop quiz posts after being a regular reader of Joanna Goddard’s website and her posts.

I would love to hear you out so here’s a pop quiz:

How are you today

How is the weather where you live today

Any recent travel plans or experiences

Would you prefer a cat or a dog as a pet

Well, that’s all I have for today and for now, but I will be posting soon. Take care and ask your favorite people how they’re doing today.



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