Staying in is not a crime.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life.”

It’s 2018, I am not getting any younger and neither is anybody else. We all want to head out to a decent place on a Friday night or over the weekend but it comes with a set of so many rules. If you are someone like me, you probably enjoyed partying occasionally, going to a good place to drown yourself in a sustainable amount of alcohol with typical bar style food and waking up to a more deluded morning the next day in your crazy earlier 20s. I should say these are the 20s where you may have been earning and felt slightly independent and proud to not ask for money from your parents to head out to a party or to just splurge it all on food (I’ve spent a whole paycheck just binging at a fancy restaurant).

As we age, we change little by little, and at times without our knowledge of this change taking place. Our priorities are refined. I never say priorities change. They are always updated. As days pass by, we get familiar with ourselves. We get comfortable being the type of person we are when we start learning our priorities. I would have never imagined myself heading to brunch wearing my pajamas and flip-flops. I cannot think of a 23 year old self, lazing on the grass after a good amount of alcohol at a work related party. Maybe this is the time we finally start accepting ourselves without seeking validation from anyone else. At least when we’re not projecting ourselves on social media.

There are obvious days when you want to awaken the diva in you and go all glam on yourself but they are most certainly outnumbered by the pajama and flip-flop episodes.
Even on vacations, I do not feel the need to carry exquisite clothing or fancy attire due to my easy and stress-free zone felt with a pair of shorts and tees with my casual sneakers.

I always wonder how I changed from being that person who needed to dress a certain way, talk in a certain manner or eat only a certain type of food to this almost 30 something female with no desire to dress up for anyone but myself and always having a RBF (resting bish face) on me for the most of the day when outside in public areas. Is it because I genuinely hate being in public areas or is it because I have more refined tastes of being confined to my space where I am at the liberty to behave (or misbehave) the way I please. Whatever the reason, I prefer this more to the crazy 20s phase only because this doesn’t mean I have to follow certain social norms.

If you’re lazing on the couch now or binge-watching something on Netflix or just not doing anything and it’s a weekend night, don’t fret about staying in today because I am with you.

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