10 things I pack in my bag

I consider either a backpack or a tote to be my best options when choosing a bag. That’s because I generally carry things that are essential and I cannot leave the house without these things. Also, usually these things may take up some space and add on some weight, but if you’re someone who is out for a whole day, I recommend this for you too. So here’s my list of 10 things that I HAVE to carry in my bag.

  1. A bottle of water.clear disposable bottle on black surface
  2. Always carry a small snack. You may be eating out for lunch or you may even carry lunch to your workplace, but irrespective of that, always carry some small easy snack e.g. a fruit, a nutrition bar, a sandwich.bread-food-plate-rucola
  3. Cash in change. Remember, there will be days when you need extra change and god hope not you misplace your wallet, you will always have some extra cash to get home or to ask for help.person holding black card holder
  4. A body mist/deodorant (for those days when it’s too humid).black and white blue bottles close up
  5. Personal hygiene requirements (this is more like a category than just one thing) like sanitizer, body mist, comb, travel size face wash or face wipes and lip balm. Also, females please keep an extra tampon or a sanitary napkin with you for those unexpected turn of events which you may experience at the whim of our reproductive system.beauty blur bottle close up
  6. Portable charger and headphones. Traveling alone to work or any place can get boring so always carry a set of headphones for the music in your ears or to catch  up on your pre-downloaded Netflix content and a portable charger so you never have to worry about your phone running out of battery(opt for solar portable chargers if you live in a place with abundant sunlight or can charge on the go).apple earpods
  7. Don’t forget your sunglasses (in summer) and your woolens (in winter). My advice for people working in offices with the air conditioning vents on their head is to always keep a cardigan or a light sweater at your desk. Save yourself the hassle of carrying it to work each day and don’t forget to keep it clean.action adult adventure close up
  8. Extra pair of spectacles. Mostly, you have now moved onto contact lenses or are sure enough you won’t break or lose your own set of specs. But, calamities can strike anywhere and you don’t want to be left temporarily incapable of performing tasks.accessory blur book close up
  9. A great way to hold onto multiple keys, member cards and ID’s is a lanyard or carabiner clips. I personally love having a carabiner clip in my bag so I never start a treasure hunt for my keys in my own bag! (I am just going to link them here and here).
  10. This may sound weird and over the top, but carry a good reusable cloth bag in your bag to avoid the use of unnecessary plastic bags.ripe banana in white knitted bag

These are my favorite 10 (and many) things that are usually found in my bag. I hope this helps you and maybe you’ll add something to your bag from this list. Let me know what item made it to your bag. Until next time, cheers!




7 thoughts on “10 things I pack in my bag

  1. Aishwarya

    I’m about to pack my bag while leaving the house and yes thanks for this neat post, checked all those things except for the food part. Must keep that in mind! Also in addition to these, I keep a pen/pencil handy. 😀


  2. Shantanu

    The list is perfect. I have 9 out of the 10 things you mentioned at all times in my bagpack. I also carry a banana or an apple along with a nutrition bar. It helps in keeping you hunger free for 1-2 hours.

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