Dun Laoghaire – East Pier

Over the past weekend, I thought it was finally time to take a break from being the ‘books only’ weekend person that I am and head out to the pier side of Dublin. The Dun Laoghaire harbor is about 12 km from the City Center and easily accessible by either DART or Dublin Bus.

Also, just to say Dun Laoghaire correctly, always say it the way you would say Dunleary, that’s the correct and most accepted way to pronounce Dun Laoghaire.

The East Pier is famous for people strolling and enjoying a portion of fish and chips. This pier is approximately 1.5kms long and you can easily spend more than an hour either walking a round trip or just taking a break while watching the sunset. This small and quaint suburb of Dublin is also home to the National Maritime Museum of Ireland. I did not know this when I visited Dun Laoghaire, but I plan to visit it soon. Apart from the Museum, there are other attractions like the James Joyce Tower Museum and the People’s Park. IMG_7679

I definitely will visit the pier again before summer ends, to visit the other places and enjoy a stroll under the evening sun. If you’re in Dublin and want to spend an afternoon doing nothing, head over to Dun Laoghaire and take a break.

The pier as seen from the entry point

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