10 things to do when you need a spark

In my last post under the ‘Life’ category, I talked about how staying in is not a crime. Basically, no one has the right to badger you around just because you prefer being at home sometimes instead of engaging in social conventions. But, if you’re someone like me, who has limited time to themselves over a weekend and want to make the most of it, you’ll always find yourself short of motivation. You’ll outweigh the pros and cons of doing what you love and taking rest (practically lazing while reading a book). So how to gather inspiration to keep ahead of your schedule? Here are my ten ways to attack the slump and push yourself better to do more of what you love.

  1. Clean: I cannot stress the fact that cleaning your space (any space, a closet, a bookshelf, drawers, vacuuming), cleaning your clothes, doing the dishes or simply cleaning any small space. The clean and organized state of your spaces or the empty chore list always helps to have a clear state of mind and you can push yourself to do more.
  2. TLC: While it is important to clean surroundings, one should also realize that our body also needs TLC. If you’re short on the spark, head for a quick shower, a haircut, get a mani-pedi (honestly it’s okay if you’re a guy and get these regularly done) or simply just make a DIY home face mask and clean yourself. Every time, I am short on time to gather all my thoughts, I just wash my face, hands, and feet. It helps!
  3. Podcast InspoEver listen to podcasts? I always listen to podcasts when I am traveling to work or when I am cleaning my space. So basically, double the inspiration. My favorite podcasts are the GaryVee Audio Experience and TED Talks. I personally also love this video compilation of Casey Neistat’s utmost important hacks to life.
  4. Friends Inspo: I usually find inspiration amongst my friends or acquaintances. People around us are always doing so many things and yet they seem to have figured our work-life balance. Though it may seem that way, not everyone is perfect and all of us are susceptible to failures and flaws. If you need to talk to a friend who can understand you or help you give his/her 2 cents, please listen. Take the advice as a life lesson because sometimes people around us tend to be good observers of our behavior and our shortcomings than we ourselves would ever notice.
  5. Video InspoTurn on the TV/laptop and switch over to your favorite series/movie or documentary. You are a tiny speck on this whole planet, while you’re at it, why not make the best of the time here, when you can? I personally enjoy an episode of Planet Earth, any of Anthony Bourdain’s travelogues to places unknown or simply switching on to an episode of The Big Bang Theory or Friends. It helps to have some time to yourself and spending that time not thinking about the more grave realities of life.
  6. Reading InspoRead about people and things. Read about what fascinates you in this world. Even if it is just one page, please read. This helps not only to inculcate a distinct literary sense, it will also broaden your thought process eventually generating more ambitious ideas. I say read more because people nowadays prefer skimming through articles and not paying attention to the content. Also, if you’re at a loss of finding your focus, read about small at home or work exercises to challenge your mind and train it to focus on tasks at hand.
  7. Endorphins InspoDo you even workout? I am not saying a hardcore 1-hour gym session or a triathlon training camp, but if that’s your forte I won’t deter you from doing it. But try to include a physical activity like playing a sport or going for long walks which cumulatively accounts for about 3 hours per week. Physical activity trains your body to produce more endorphins. If you will feel good about yourself, you will eventually feel good about your thoughts and won’t need as much time to gather your energy.
  8. Cooking InspoIrrespective of your gender, please learn to cook at least two meals on your own from scratch. And by scratch I mean no store bought sauces or frozen meals and reheated in the oven. I don’t ask you to cook something extravagant, it can be a humble dal-chawal or poached eggs and toast. But if you’re already 25 and don’t know how to poach an egg decently, you need to get a grip on yourself.
  9. Gratitude InspoAs much as it is important to look after ourselves physically and to take care of our external layers, it is important to have introspective moments too. Make it a habit to spend about 5-10 minutes every day with yourself. Take these moments as mini solo dates and think about how your day progressed, what were you grateful for, what did you want to change about a particular event or something that you said, all these small moments from your day are your log to a better version of yourself. It’s not necessary to keep writing in a gratitude journal every day, but have the habit of being considerate of the things you can access easily or are be grateful for the privileges you pass off on a daily basis knowingly or unknowingly as entitlement rights.
  10. Writing InspoIf all fails then I advise you to just write how you feel. It could be one line, one paragraph or a whole set of pages. Writing liberates your mind and emptying your soul on paper has some sort of euphoric festival waiting to happen. It can be in any language because it’s for you and by you. This is especially important because you will express yourself better than you would express yourself by posting a picture, tweeting random people or putting a status update.

I hope this helps you like it always helps me. If you do ever try one of these hacks please let me know your thoughts and any additions to the list. Until next time, I hope you have a great week ahead and this list inspires you to do more than you planned.



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