Featured: The Veggie Cooker

We are into the second week of October and it’s time to unleash the second blogger for our Female Force feature. This week we’re going to learn about someone who is a healthcare advertiser by profession and finds peace in cooking. Smruti Rao, who is currently based out of Singapore keeps herself updated on the current food trends and somehow manages to incorporate it in her cooking style.

Here are a few things Smruti graciously shared about her journey as a foodie and documenting it consistently.

When did you realize that you’re passionate about food and documenting your passion?

Around 3 years ago – I realized that I was increasingly spending a lot of time in the kitchen coming up with new recipes/trying out the age-old classic, without documenting them. This started to become an issue when I wanted to recreate the same dish. Hence the thought of documenting my recipes came in – this eventually led to a full-fledged website & a dedicated Instagram account.

How do you find time to experiment with your passion for food and brew new recipes or ideas?

I find cooking extremely therapeutic. So coming back home and going to the kitchen energizes me in a way, because it gives me time to reflect on the day and relax. Having said that, a large part of the weekend is dedicated to experimentation.

Any significant event that influenced your decision to name your website ‘TheVeggieCooker’?

Haha yes! My family visited Turkey a couple of years ago. Our tourist was a very sweet girl around my age, who knew her substance really well, but was slightly weak in English. We became good friends during the period – at one point she asked me if my family is a bunch of foodies, to which I told her that we all are, and my mum is an amazing cook. Her revert was: “Ah your mum is a cooker?” Cute as it was, this stuck behind and eventually made a place in my website name.

How do you manage a full-time job and still find the time to keep up with new ideas and writing blogs about your foodie adventures?

I keep weekends for blog writing and weekdays for the job. I am constantly scribbling new ideas on my phone throughout the week, depending on where my friends and I go for meals, etc.

Smruti has a wide range of recipes on her website including beverages, soups, curries, and desserts. The best part about her website? She’s a vegetarian and hence all her recipes are vegetarian-friendly. One of my favorite and to-go recipes from her blog is the Spinach Quinoa Khichdi.

And as Smruti described the journey of her interest being driven into something therapeutic, I understand it is necessary to give equal opportunities to our hobbies. With every person I feature this month, I realize it is imperative to have some positive activity that takes your mind off the negative moments in the day to day life.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and tune in again next week for another exciting feature, or unless I drop an unexpected post midweek!

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