Featured: Squats and Samosas

I’m a little late with this post because I am to blame. I have been slightly busy and mostly a procrastinator. But let us leave that behind and focus on the amazingly motivational, Deeksha Gautham, formerly known as Squats and Samosas on Instagram. She also has a Facebook group called ‘Fearless Boss Ladies‘ where she consistently uploads new content.

She was working in the tech industry in San Francisco, that paid her well but not enough to feel free and happy. She quit her job about 6-7 months ago and now freelances by coaching other women entrepreneurs or women seeking business coaching. How she transcended from fitness to business will be revealed in the continued post as this is a two-part feature.

Let’s look at what Deeksha has to say about some of my naive questionnaires regarding her fitness coaching days.

Why/How did you turn to fitness and coaching other women about fitness and flexible dieting as a passion?
I struggled through a lot of body image and food issues myself, and I got out of it through proper fitness and nutrition. I love helping other people with their fitness and body goals! 
How many women have you coached till date and when did you realize that it was finally time to give up a full-time office job and follow your passion? 
I fitness coached 100 women!! I started fitness coaching as a side hustle to my full-time job and as my business grew, I knew it was time to make the leap. Fitness fulfilled me in a way that my office job NEVER could. It was nerve-wracking but was definitely the right decision to make. 
Why did you think that you needed to write a book? And when can we expect to see the book?
The book is LIVE!! I wanted to share the mindset secrets that I use with coaching with other women who may be struggling with food and body issues. 
What are some of the biggest misconceptions that you always tackle either when it comes to your clients or interactions on Social Media? Also, some of the biggest myths that individuals have about fitness and a healthy lifestyle?
1. It’s fast. Losing weight is not fast. It takes time and consistency.
2. It has to be hard. Healthy living does NOT have to be hard!
How have you changed as a person in the last five years because of what you did or what you’re now doing?
Well… I’ve realized that my passions actually are deeper. I LOVE helping women start their own businesses and grow their businesses rapidly like I did. I actually just switched the focus of my coaching to coach other entrepreneurs and help them with their goals. 
Who inspires you?
Other entrepreneurs! Katrina Ruth, Tony Robbins, Dan Lok, and Kayla Itsines.


Stay tuned for the continued post next week!

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