Featured : Deeksha Gautham

I cannot believe that October is coming to an end, which means it’s time for part dos of our previous feature. We know that Deeksha started off as Squats and Samosas, a fitness coach while juggling a 9-5 job. She moved on from fitness coaching to biz coaching about 6 months ago and now solely contributes her time to entrepreneurship coaching.

This is part two of the questions and answers with Deeksha.

1. When did you realize that fitness was just the tip of the iceberg? (What made you switch from fitness to entrepreneurship?)

As my fitness business grew, I started to get a lot of questions about my fitness business from other entrepreneurs. As I shared tips, and as I got deeper into coaching, I realized my true gifts lay in mindset coaching women past their fears, limitations, and blocks to their income. I started business coaching and absolutely loved it. I felt I was able to change women at their core and transform them to truly unlimited in their success and confidence.

2. How did you deal with the fact that you might lose out on a lot of people who followed you for your fitness content?

This was tough… but I just had to accept it. At the end of the day, it is what it is. My account is still growing so a year from now the audience will change. I kept an “abundance mindset” and reminded myself that the world is massive and there will always be more followers out there!

3. Did you specifically train or study anything for transitioning from fitness to biz coaching?

I have worked with several high-level business coaches myself, as well as studied the psychology of high ticket sales. Plus, growing my own business so rapidly was a ton of experience in itself!

4. You manage to balance coaching women while also trying to juggle a lot of other things. How do you give priorities to things and how do you have a mindset that pushes you to do more?

Hmm.. this is a good question! I prioritize self-care, sales/money-making activities, as well as client work as the top 3 things at the beginning of the day. Everything else in the business gets done only after those are done.

5. Finally, what is that one piece of advice you’ll give to someone who is looking to start something new afresh and is nervous about going ahead with the new venture?

When you’re old and dying you’re not even going to remember who judged you or rejected you for 5 seconds of their life. You will remember the opportunities you took and the incredible life you created. The worst tragedy in the world is unfulfilled human potential. You don’t want to look back on your life and regret it!

Also: Just start. The only way you are going to get better is to start. Accept that you will be a little embarrassed by your first version but it’s only going to get better!

These answers from Deeksha made me realize that we give other people’s opinions too much priority. While sometimes these opinions do matter and may come from a genuine place, not every opinion is of equal importance. Sometimes we all need to be told the simplest of things to make our lives better.

In case you missed it, and want to read part one of this feature it’s here.

Also, this is my last feature for October and if you enjoyed this series, let me know if you want to see another featured series. It could be any topic or interest which you think I should definitely explore.


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