I want to go back! Amsterdam has imprinted my heart like no other city (except New York), at least for now. The city is famous for a lot of things (hint: coffee shops a.k.a pot joints) but that doesn’t have to be what defines this historic and beautiful city.

We planned Amsterdam in February. Usually, this is prime winter in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere but we were blessed by the pleasantries of 9 degrees not too cold weather with a cloudy day and a sunny day (yayy!)

We skipped all the queues, the lines and all the famous tourist spots (yes, even Van Gogh and Anne Frank) and took on the city by just walking insane distances. This was almost akin to our New York trip, where we did not do anything conventional, because the best way to get the most out of a place is to walk around it.

It took us an hour to get to Amsterdam and another 40 minutes after we got off the plane to get to our hotel. How? Well, Schipol Airport has its own train station and we took the Sprinter into the city. It cost us 11 Euros for two-one way tickets (i.e. 5 for one person) but they charge 1 Euro extra for paper tickets. I literally got off the train at Centraal in 20 minutes from when I boarded it Schipol (we passed, Amsterdam Lelylaan and Amsterdam Sloterdijk) I would not recommend any taxis since I didn’t try any Uber/MyTaxi here and they are fairly expensive (almost everywhere in Europe).

A walk along the Prins Hendrikkade

We had pre-booked into Hotel Library which is a 8-10 minute walk from Centraal and lies on Prins-Hendrikkade. Day one, and we decided to go out for a stroll around the vicinity which was not too far from the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

The hotel features an open library and a reading area. Guests are allowed to take books with them to read while staying here.

While majority of food restaurants will accept cards for payment, there will be certain shops that may apply a charge for using either a Visa or a Mastercard depending on their tie-up. In this case it’s always handy to carry some cash, maybe about 20-50€.

Keep checking in for more posts on Amsterdam, which I promise to put up soon. Until next time!

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