A year across the Atlantic

I’ve completed a full year in another new place. Out of all the places I’ve lived, Dublin, can be called a little of both the worlds. A bit of the west and a bit of home. While Dublin may not compare to any of the numerous megapolises in USA, it clearly balances the old with the new. Dublin city has its areas of modern and vintage.

But what did it feel like to live in Dublin, after being in USA for a year prior to this?

The new city and its small scale did take some time getting used to. It wasn’t easy to wrap our heads around the fact that we’re not going to have the luxury of a car everywhere. It was like living in Mumbai minus the crowd, the polluted air and the humidity. Things were definitely not as fast tracked and simplified when it came to basic necessities. And to add to it, Dublin is currently under a housing crisis due to many reasons.

As time passed, and I finally got some financial independence, Mr. R and I managed to lease an apartment which is much of an upgrade in terms of our requirements. But its home and we always joke about the fact that if we ever go back to a smaller place, it will cause problems. However, with every hurdle crossed and every new box ticked, we started settling in this small city life.

Over this past one year I struggled to go back to being laid back about a lot of things. Traveling is not convenient by any means in the city even with the option of buses and trams as a source of public transport. However, this only meant not being dependent on anything and walking distances which I would have easily walked when in Mumbai.

The over privileged life of USA did spoil me and my body to an extent that I ended up putting on a sack of 10 kilos to my already heavy body. I was so lethargic and pessimistic in my thoughts only because I had to practically plan my days according to the availability of Mr. R. The freedom of movement in the land of the free was a liability. I was restricted in a lot of day to day activities and that only led to binge eating due to emotional moments. I would say most of it was just me trying to put myself through a situation that I was completely uncomfortable with and trying too hard to harness positivity.

A year and a few days later, I am sitting down and writing this post to acknowledge all that I have today. This may not be a perfect curve but its a good curve in my life. It’s finally looking like I can atleast balance my passion and work at the same time. Also, yes I did lose a lot of the unnecessary weight and finally get do what I love the most, walk. A lot.

Just because I eat well and monitor my body doesn’t mean I give up on fries. Fries for life!

2019 brings a lot of travel, time spent reflecting on all the new experiences, dreading the number 30 and planinning the next decade to make the 30s kick ass of my 20s.

Here’s to another year in Dublin !

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