Part III of Amsterdam, NL

After much slacking, I have finally managed to write a barely satisfactory number of posts and keep them in the scheduled folder.

This is a post on our last day in Amsterdam when we had nothing planned for the day and now I feel we could have easily managed a day trip to Hague. Hence, if you have about 8-10 hours to spare, do take a trip to Hague or Delft.

Lack of planning and quite some hours in the day led us to a city canal cruise of 60 minutes. We decided to take the Lovers Canal Cruise for 15€ pp.

As the cruise explored the city through its canals, we saw the beautiful homes along the canals. The reason for Amsterdam to have so many canals was no other than the East India Company (EIC) establishing trade routes to other parts of the world from Amsterdam. Netherlands, a small and prosperous nation was a good port for the English to venture other places and eventually make it to America.

The cruise wades through the canal showing the three main neighborhoods of Amsterdam namely, Keizersrgracht (Emperor’s canal), Prinsengracht (Prince’s canal) and Herengracht (Gentleman’s canal). These three neighborhoods were the main areas of Amsterdam.

You’ll also notice many buildings along the canal have huge hooks atop the building. These were used (still used) to get big furniture up and down the levels, since the hallways and passages are narrow in most of the structures.

Locals cycling by at the end of the day at Dam Square

We ended up spending the rest of our day simply walking around all of Amsterdam through the neighborhood of De Pijp, Jordaan and finally taking in the evening skies at Dam Square. Amsterdam Centraal station is a spectacle by day and night and is worth a visit. This trip would not have been complete if I could not take back home a bunch of tulips. And though overpriced at the airport, I did bring a bunch of tulips and they stayed well for a week giving me the most happiest memories of a place that I’ll visit again.

I absolutely look forward to visiting NL again and this time for places like Hague, Rotterdam and Gouda.

Ample canal scenes in Amsterdam

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