Rewind. Reflect. Reset.

As the year comes to a close I want to take a moment and remind myself of all the amazing things that happened to me in 2019.

Madrid, Spain

The dream was to wake up in a new city every time I dreamed of a new city. What was even more exciting that this time there happened to be a travel goal on the go experience. It was London. I never would have imagined to go back to this city and explore it all over again which I only scraped through as a pre-teen.

Tower Bridge, London

I finally visited home, India after a good 3 years and it made me so happy to be back in the comfort of my home. When you’re living away from family and friends, it makes life challenging with the other added responsibilities. Just taking a break from everything and exposing myself to countless servings of biryani made me really happy.

The blog did not make it big, but at least for the first half of 2019, I tried to keep up on the writing. Decluttering spaces became a much needed activity at the beginning of every new season eventually making me aware of my shopping frenzies. Every sunset and sunrise is beautiful and the fact that I can experience every single one as it happens is a blessing. The soft warm tones of dawn or dusk are meditation.

Dublin, Ireland

Everything said and done, there were moments of serious self-doubt and inconsistency in whatever I tried to do in the past year. If there is one thing I want to transition about myself, then it is my INCONSISTENCY.

Loch Lomond, Scotland

The whole of 2019 was a busy and voyage filled adventure. However, going into 2020, I have only two important goal words for myself, EVENNESS and PATIENCE. There are smaller goals like looking after my health, more reading, less scrolling etc. but they all stem from these two goal words. I guess it’s a good start to the new year by putting all your goals under a set of goal words, so it’s not hard to lose track of any of them.

Brugge, Belgium

While I try not to make an extensive list of my goals/resolutions for the new year and realized that it put me back by a lot of steps, this time around I going to keep it simple. I am going to make 2-3 general goals for the whole of 2020 and add new goals every month.

My overall 2020 goals include:

  • Read more. I spent too much time scrolling in the second half of 2019, and while I think to each his own, I personally feel scrolling and switching in between apps has not helped me at all.
  • Be consistent with one form of physical activity. I cannot deny the pure affinity I have towards yoga and I am going to try to make it 3x a week in the first couple of weeks of 2020 moving on to 5x or even 7x in a week.
  • Increase my overall writing. Whether it is online via posts or offline. Journaling does not have to be a daily activity but can be a great outlet to rewire thoughts and emotions and practice gratitude.
  • Save money for the important days in my life like birthdays and anniversaries. As much as I love being on trips on special days, I also enjoy a really good meal and staying at home watching movies. Maybe this year there will be new traditions.
St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin, Ireland.

Keeping it concise and simple, I want to hold myself accountable for all my actions and procrastination episodes. It is so easy to not do anything and blame it on everything else but you.

I hope everyone who reads this understands that it doesn’t have to be an extensive resolution list for every new year. Your goals can affect you personally and also when you are in public. I hope to look forward to more people engaging here on my blog and thank you to everyone who already is here either by choice or by coercion 😛

I was accepted into Hogwarts this year!

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