Keep up.

As I constantly scroll through the various stories of Covid-19 on social media, one thread on Twitter grabs my attention. It’s about a worker in a supermarket who has born the brunt of customers. He/She is appalled at the behavior of people who walk over to checkout with trolleys full of essentials and non-essentials. These are the people who are stock-piling or panic buying.

While people continue to go on about their lives at this time, these employees are helpless as they could ever be. They are dealing with frustrated or panicked people at checkouts. They have to bear the brunt of people who are simply unsure about their credibility as humans at this point in time.

Employees working in supermarkets, local restaurants, and food joints are exposed to risks far greater than we can imagine. While they are showing up for work every day, they are facing other people, they are keeping up with the stocks and during all this time they also have the constant fear of losing their jobs to this crisis. They are threatened by the virus, the people and the constant mental battle.

Show some amount of empathy if not respect for these people who go into work every day for us so we have food on our plates and toilet paper to last us an eternity. They all have families to go back to and they all have lives to live after they head from work. They are at the receiving end of humanity’s worst behavior.

We’re at home with families, roommates or simply by ourselves which gives us a simple chance to alter our behavior. Alter the nonsense. Kindness can be taught but it can only sustain when we all follow it. Preach it. The people working in these jobs are not asking for anything more than our kindness and a little bit of our time. So, the next time you head out for groceries, try to take a moment before you spew more negativity. Take a moment to appreciate that you are in a position to stand at checkout and still think about the one thing you did not find on your grocery list. We’re all here after this ends, but let’s end this on a note of kindness and empathy rather than making it worse.

Keep up as humans.

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