Of Jazz Tunes and Talking Cats

A great way to pick up that first Murakami. I’ve read Sputnik Sweetheart, but I might just follow this guide for increasing my Murakami reading

Between Pages

Every once in a while, we come across a book that pushes the boundaries of thinking, of laws of physics and even the most basics concepts of life and reality.

And then we come across authors who create an entire genre full of books that tether on the verge of the obscure – where people cross over into alternate worlds, where cats talk and a subtle hint of magic lingers in the air.

One such world is the world of Haruki Murakami. A world of jazz tunes and talking cats. Reading Murakami feels like slowly drifting off to sleep, one perhaps induced by a magical potion.

People who love him, normally struggle to put into words what Murakami and his books mean to them. So, imagine my paralysing fear when I decided to write an entire blog post on him!

Such was his fame after the release of Norwegian Wood…

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