Featured: The Veggie Cooker

We are into the second week of October and it’s time to unleash the second blogger for our Female Force feature. This week we’re going to learn about someone who is a healthcare advertiser by profession and finds peace in cooking. Smruti Rao, who is currently based out of Singapore keeps herself updated on the current food trends and somehow manages to incorporate it in her cooking style.

Here are a few things Smruti graciously shared about her journey as a foodie and documenting it consistently. Continue reading “Featured: The Veggie Cooker”


Fusion Bowl Inspo

I happened to order a bowl meal from Freshii one evening and the idea of making it at home had constantly itched my mind. So, I decided to meal prep for this bowl a little in advance and head over to make a similar home cooked version. Continue reading “Fusion Bowl Inspo”

Pasta bowl for the sole soul

I never really understood how much joy a bowl of pasta could give me until I started divulging into the different types of pasta and sauces that accompany them. I am a hardcore make at home pasta sauce maker, though I haven’t really tried my hand at making fresh pasta.

But let’s get to the part where the pasta is almost like a cure for the sappy inner demon of your usual mid-life crisis, any issue or you’re feeling particularly motivated and want to give your belly a warm hug on a particularly cold mid-morning, what do you crave? I will always crave a good, flavour packed bowl of pasta. Continue reading “Pasta bowl for the sole soul”