Featured: Girl on The Mountains

Saini, a fellow schoolmate and now an avid trekker who juggles her work life and desire for hiking by constantly being on the move very generously agreed to answer all my questions. She balances her 9 to 5 routine and still manages to head out of the city almost every weekend to places that are breathtaking and to be honest seem very unrealistic. I was stunned at some of her responses and at some, I could only nod in affirmation. Her passion fueled by enthusiasm is what drew me towards doing this short post. Let’s see what she said over my queries. Continue reading “Featured: Girl on The Mountains”


Dun Laoghaire – East Pier

Over the past weekend, I thought it was finally time to take a break from being the ‘books only’ weekend person that I am and head out to the pier side of Dublin. Continue reading “Dun Laoghaire – East Pier”

What’s your address?

A norm on every form, what’s your address?

If someone asks me this question, my answer will always be, the sea. As a child, hopping cities at the whim of my Dad’s job transfers kept us from setting our roots in one place. I say this as if I’ve suffered through them, but yes, it wasn’t a merry transition most of the times.

I was born in a small town of Mahad in Maharashtra, India. After Mom was in a state to travel post me, we moved to Goa. Little did I know that this journey of me being in the company of oceans/seas was going to be a constant throughout the rest of my life. We shifted from Bicholim to Margao to Panaji in 5 years and eventually we took a leap to the city of dreams, Mumbai. Continue reading “What’s your address?”