Dun Laoghaire – East Pier

Over the past weekend, I thought it was finally time to take a break from being the ‘books only’ weekend person that I am and head out to the pier side of Dublin. Continue reading “Dun Laoghaire – East Pier”


Fusion Bowl Inspo

I happened to order a bowl meal from Freshii one evening and the idea of making it at home had constantly itched my mind. So, I decided to meal prep for this bowl a little in advance and head over to make a similar home cooked version. Continue reading “Fusion Bowl Inspo”

10 things I pack in my bag

I consider either a backpack or a tote to be my best options when choosing a bag. That’s because I generally carry things that are essential and I cannot leave the house without these things. Also, usually these things may take up some space and add on some weight, but if you’re someone who is out for a whole day, I recommend this for you too. So here’s my list of 10 things that I HAVE to carry in my bag. Continue reading “10 things I pack in my bag”

Pasta bowl for the sole soul

I never really understood how much joy a bowl of pasta could give me until I started divulging into the different types of pasta and sauces that accompany them. I am a hardcore make at home pasta sauce maker, though I haven’t really tried my hand at making fresh pasta.

But let’s get to the part where the pasta is almost like a cure for the sappy inner demon of your usual mid-life crisis, any issue or you’re feeling particularly motivated and want to give your belly a warm hug on a particularly cold mid-morning, what do you crave? I will always crave a good, flavour packed bowl of pasta. Continue reading “Pasta bowl for the sole soul”